10+ Illustrations With Deep Meanings Produced By An Artist Battling With Despair

At first, DestinyBlue’s art may just hit you as colourful, notably melancholy Anime-inspired portraits. In the event that you look just a little closer, but, you will observe concealed communications that tell the tale for the Uk artist’s harrowing battle with despair.

DestinyBlue, whoever genuine name’s Alice De Ste Croix, is publishing her work with DeviantArt since 2004. She actually is become massively well-known as a result of brilliant figures she attracts from imagination, and her capacity to inform psychological tales with imagery. ‘Blue,’ as her followers affectionately call her, produces most of her art from scrape utilizing Photoshop CS6, and it is totally self-taught.

Consume a number of DestinyBlue’s many well-known pieces under, as really as our interpretations of the deep definitions. Tell us your thinking for each one into the commentary!

1# Despair

2# Forever Is Over

3# Grow Once Again

4# She Actually Is Damaged

5# Friends Set You Free

6# Anxiety

7# Depth

8# Trust

9# I Am Good

10# If Tears Left Scars…